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Tayma Map

Archaeology and environment of the Tayma oasis

Since 2004, a Saudi-German joint archaeological project has conducted multidisciplinary research at the oasis of Tayma. Due to its location on one of the branches of the ancient trading network of the Arabian Peninsula site was connected to most of the regions of the ancient Near East. These international contacts are reflected in the archaeological and epigraphic record. Tayma is mentioned in Assyrian, Babylonian and Biblical sources and has a rich written history of its own, reaching far into the Islamic period. Although climatic changes towards the end of the Holocene resulted in a sedentary lifestyle, the significance of mobile groups for the economic and social systems remained high. Bio- and Geo-archaeological investigations provide new information about the changing environment of a site which was occoupied from the Neolithic to Islamic periods.

Research at Tayma is carried out by the Orient Department of the German Archaeological Institute and the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities. The project's main sponsor is the German Research foundation (DFG).